Why Choose Us
There are numorous reason to choose us but mentioning everything isn't possible in this webpage so take a look on some prime reasons.
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Brass and Copper Foils/Coils/strips & Copper Wires.which also includes Annealed Copper Wire, Bunched Copper Wire Lead Free Solders, and Tin-alloy solders. These are manufactured using quality material which is checked at every stage of production by our highly experienced quality controllers. Due to the quality of our components, we are catering our customers all over the world especially Middle East and African Countries. With experience of more than 25 years in this industry, we are able to provide complete customization to our customers with the help of our highly experienced team of professionals.
Following are the features which have enabled us to cater our customers :
Most competitive prices
High performance
On time delivery
High conductivity
Engaged in manufacturing of Copper Wire, Lead Free Solders, Tin-alloy solders, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel-Strips/Foils/Coils as well as international & domestic trading of non-ferrous metal used in various electrical and industrial applications..
  • 1
    Quality Inspection STAGE-1 (Physical Properties)
    Physical testing of strips: Strips should be free from dust roughness, Burr free, Surface should be of brighter shining.
  • 2
    Quality Inspection STAGE-2 (Mechanical Properties)
    Stage 2 is for Hardness test and Cupping test
  • 3
    Quality Inspection STAGE-3 (Chemical Properties)
    It is for Composition Check, Elongation, Impurities. After going through the above said testing procedures, material is ready for dispatch.