We are pleased to inform you that we manufacturer close tolerance Copper and Brass Strips, Coil/Foils 63/37, 65/35, 70/30 Alloy. The above alloys can be supplied in 4 to 366 mm width in Soft, Half Hard, Full Hard and Spring Hard. Our Strips are precision rolled on imported Sendzimir Mill to a close tolerance. We offer a Gauge tolerance of ±0.01 mm for thick material (0.30 – 0.60) ±0.005 mm for thin strips (less than 0.30 mm). Our Strips are especially suited manufacture of small precision components requiring bending, drawing and punching operations. Using RCI quality Brass Strip, Coil/Foils is economical in terms of material saving, fewer rejections as well as longer life of dies and punches all due to a very precise gauge control.

Applications: Used in Automobiles Radiators, Bulb and Lamp Caps, Imitation Jewelry, Eyelets, Thimbles, Clocks, Pens and Various sheet metal pressed components.

Ordering: Please mention the Alloy Grade, Temper, Thickness, Width & Quantity in your enquiries.